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Here at Natures Whole Food Depot we love natural alternatives to conventional medicine, including homeopathy with more than 100 single remedies and varieties of blends for colds, flues, back pain, menopause and tons of other conditions. Also herbal extracts from top echelon companies like Oregon’s Wild Harvest and Herb Pharm. Essential oils, all of which are food grade and therapeutic quality and, of course, vitamins, minerals, omegas, probiotics,  enzymes, and just about anything your heart, brain, joints or gut desires. Plus, we have a great selection of personal hygiene products, natural hair colour, make-up and facial care. Perhaps you’re a gym goer or an athlete, well we’ve got that covered too; from amino acids to extreme edge professional quality pre and post workout sup’s. These are clean binder/filler free non-gmo supplements, derived from grass fed, U.S. grown cattle that haven’t been threatened with R.B.S.T., steroids or antibiotics. We know that it’s hard enough to stay healthy. We don’t need our attempts to do so to be in vain. That’s why we did the research to find trust-worthy, quality products for you to choose from under one roof.

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