About Us

We are a family owned and operated natural product store, specializing in non-gmo and organic foods. Our store is essentially comprised of 5 businesses all rolled into one. It all started with the specialty organic grocery store. It was very small, but brimming with good, clean foods. Then our customers asked for supplements, such as herbs and vitamins and minerals. So, we listened…we had just a small corner of our store devoted to the supplements. Then came the requests for personal hygiene and beauty products like makeup, shampoos and conditioners, lotions and so on. So we brought those in too! After a few years we were on the verge of bursting at the seems. Our customers and community had responded with such support, that we needed more room to facilitate their needs. Fortunately, the plant nursery next door was for sale and possessed half of the building we call home. So, we purchased the nursery and everything in it. Now, we’re a specialty organic grocery store with a large health and beauty department and a 10,000 square foot plant nursery. But, what to do with some of this extra space?! I know…we’ll put a gift shop in the one corner and open a coffee and raw juice bar in another, but what will set us apart from other coffee shops around? Well, we’re an organic store, let’s make 100% organic coffee and juice, from the coffee to the cream and sugar; from the fruits and veggies that make the juice, to the extras like turmeric, maca, cayenne and so many other add-ins. SO…Now we’re a specialty organic grocery store containing all things that are good, with a rather extensive and large health and beauty department, which is sandwiched between a lawn and garden department and a gift shop/coffee and juice bar. Then it leads out to our beautifully stocked and cared for plant nursery, all nestled at the foot of the historic Sonora Pass. So, in summary, we are a family owned and operated natural food store, in Sonora, CA. that has been blessed beyond measure, with the most loyal customers and seemingly endless open doors.